You are not an ordinary brand.

You are a visionary with big dreams to leave this world a brighter place than you found it.

You have a fierce passion for what you do. And you stand unwavering in your values and purpose.

You're not afraid to be different, because you believe in illuminating the way for others. 

It's time to step into the spotlight and SHINE as the go-to in your niche, with a clear and captivating brand that elevates your business.



Unapologetically brilliant.

Whether it's crafting a compelling brand story or creating a memorable and distinctive brand experience through your logo, website, social media or packaging, I make sure your brand lights you up AND those you help uplift.

Here's a peek at some of the brilliant brands I've worked with who are confidently leaving a sparkle in their stride. Are you owning your brilliance?

I'm May, your new branding bestie.

Trust me when I say I'm in your corner.

Having successfully turned my first business, Poppetry (an Islamic kids lifestyle brand inspiring faith in little ones), from a side hustle to an iconic brand which I've since sold in 2020, I know how lonely or overwhelming it can be when you have a million decisions to make and a growing list of things to figure out. 

Alhamdulillah I've had over a decade of experience working in award-winning agencies with global brands like Unilever, Mars and P&G. It's no secret that brands have the power to shift perceptions and inspire change. 

But great branding isn't just for large businesses. Purpose-driven small businesses like yours deserve to SHINE with a captivating brand that captures your unapologetic brilliance, so you can be the fearless mover & shaker that puts a sparkle in the world. Ready to be recognised, remembered and raved about as the go-to?




“Maylene has this brilliant ability to quickly understand your problem."


We’ve worked with many branding agencies in the UK but Maylene hands-down is one of the best. Before working with her we struggled to find someone who truly understands our brand, our audience and our business goals too. Maylene has this brilliant ability to very quickly understand your design problem and work iteratively with you to align it with your vision. We’ve worked on new brands and product design too and it felt as if she was a part of the team, not an external agency or freelancer, giving suggestions and ideas almost on a daily basis! She leads with passion and creativity and is highly organised. We couldn’t recommend her highly enough! She is now our go-to designer.

“It all came together so beautifully."


I have a strong message when it comes to my brand and why it exists; I want people to know and feel that. I remember telling Maylene that I want to design something that will make people excited, happy and so proud, that they’ll tell everyone about our brand and share it. Alhumdulillah, that is exactly what Maylene did.

“If you're okay with mediocre, then continue as you are.
If you want outstanding, then book in with Maylene."


The rebrand has unlocked a lot of visibility for me. Having a stand-out, polished brand has made me more confident to step out as a niqabi. I feel the brand speaks for me before I have to, so it's made that step easier for me.

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